Hello friend,

We want to make the world better & we believe Farmer Willie’s can help.

We promise to do the following:

  • Leave no carbon footprint by offsetting all our emissions with reforestation & restoration projects in the US

  • Plant one tree for every case sold at a tasting through the American Forests Initiative.

  • Commit 1% of all our sales to environmental causes.

  • Source all our ingredients from US producers.

  • Use cans, not bottles, which are 99% recyclable & lower transportation emissions by reducing weight

  • Learn from our experiences and mistakes to become more effective changemakers.

We promise to do our best to ethically build this company. Though we are young and inexperienced, we strongly believe in building sustainably & living up to our motto,“Ginger With Soul”.

Let’s build a better world.

Nico, Max & Willie


If you have questions, thoughts or suggestions about how we could do better, please email nico@thefarmerwillies.com